Huye Mountain, Rwanda

I remember the first time I met Rwanda. I went to my favourite cafe in Poland - Aquarium. And although I wanted to buy a beer I asked about coffee as well. The Rwanda has just arrived.

But I was in the rush, so I decided to come back later. Eventually I never did.

A whole year has passed until I got Rwanda in my cup.


Name: Huye Mountain
Roaster: TAP Coffee
Origin: South Rwanda
Region: Huye District
Cultivar: Red Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Harvest: March - July
Roasting date: 29/12/15


Fragrance: red wine, smoke, grapes
Aroma: raisins, rum-like, cherry

The first impression is pretty bright. Body is like 100% juice, like a heavy juice, almost silky. Nice balance, 60/40 acidity/sweetness and then a slight bitterness.

Which creates light aftertaste that lasts and lasts. What struck me the most, was a mint. That minty freshness alongside subtle bitter taste creates the best aftertaste I've ever had.

I believe there's something else I cannot fathom, because its depth is startling.

The cupping sessions of the Rwanda were quite inconsistent. The first one: fresh coffee, a random spoon and filtered tap water, compared to Colombia. The second one with a Waitrose bottled water, a new cupping spoon and without any other coffee, but I was interrupted by a friend.

All in all, well-liked Africa, cherry aroma, high body and awesome minty aftertaste. Next time, I hope to make the most out the beans, because there's much more in Rwanda.

Photos: Andries3 and Colleen Taugher, CC 2.0


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