Palestina, Colombia

So far, I'm drinking more Colombia than Kenya. I even felt that I know how Colombian coffee should taste like. Which is partially true. Because things get different during a blind cupping, don't they?

But Colombia is big country with 17 regions and there's a lot of variation. This particular coffee is grown on 8 hectares - considered a microlot. Red fruit, citric acidity, milk chocolate and honey. All these details from roaster's description.

But how about my perspective?

I don't like the beans. I suggest examining them before grinding. A little selection could improve the quality of the drink. But cupping is merciless - no selection.


Name: Palestina
Roaster: TAP Coffee
Origin: Huila, Colombia
Region: El Tesoro
Cultivar: Colombia & Castillo
Processing: Fully Washed
Harvest: August - September
Masl: 1800
Cupping score: 85
Roasting date: 01/03/16


Fragrance: bread, yeast, earth, paper, seed - sunflower, roasty - popcorn
Aroma: raspberry

At this moment I know defects are present. It might derive from the green quality or roasting profile. I suspect low starting temperature, then increased. The result is roastiness (popcorn) and underdevelopment (ephemeral crust).

What makes me happy is the raspberry aroma. Compatible with the description.

Moving on to flavour. Bread. Makes me surprised. Aftertaste is long, but mild. A tad of brightness. And all that underlined by kalita-like body.

I would score the body pretty high, but flavour is weak. I had to wait for some interesting notes.

Low sweetness. Light fruitiness - citric acid, slightly astringent, diminishing flavour. Another surprise is smoke. I can't help feeling 5 days after roast is too early for this coffee.

As the drink has cooled down, I made an interesting association. Raspberry flavour reminded me of an instant raspberry tea I used to drink as a child.

A month after the cupping I focused on V-60. Raspberry became blackberry. And finally, the chocolate note emerged. In fact, hitting high extraction, I had the most chocolatey single origin ever.

Photo - Hot Chocolate Taylor Street Baristas


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