Barista an introvert

I am a barista. And I am an introvert. 

Being honest to yourself is not easy. Peers, parents and teachers set up expectations. A human being is good at adjusting to situation. But there's a difference between making others happy and being yourself.

My story
I was thought to be a super-shy kid. My parents didn't understand introversion. I can't blame them. 20 years ago barely who did.

What's worse I believed I was shy. I started to fight with it. To such an extent that many people still believe I'm an extrovert. Especially when I speak in public.

It took me years to discover I'm introvert. To discover that I don't have to make my parents proud, prove my friends how great I am or anything. To find what is my calling.

Have I followed others' expectations, I wouldn't be barista.

Customer service
Words barista and introversion don't seem to be associated, do they? Customer service is all about talking and being nice. Greeting, smiling, shouting names, sometimes explaining something about coffee. All that to strangers, hundreds of them.

I know a lot of great baristas introverts. Seasoned professionals, head baristas, cafe-owners. The common thing about them is their quality focus. Their craft is not superficial. It's well-thought and digested on a deep, introverted level.

Introversion helps to communicate, lead or be the best at what you're doing. Introversion doesn't mean you're shy. It means you have your own world, where great ideas are born.

Introvert's personality
Introverts don't show off. Their personality speaks for themselves. A fellow barista is one of the best I've ever worked with. He's not talkative, but he enjoys his job. He's not engaging with every customer, sometimes he's just focused on his job. And people like it. They ask him questions, more than he asks them.That's the way he shows his knowledge, passion and personality. First-timers might feel rejected. But in a long-term every regular who takes coffee seriously will appreciate it.

What is introversion
I'm introvert. I'm proud of that. I used to believe I should be extroverted and even consider myself as extroverted person. I encourage everyone to get familiar with the topic, because introverts are everywhere. Susan Cain and Włodek Markowicz are pioneering the field of the introversion awareness. These materials helped me a lot:


The modern culture under-appreciates introverts, which is a massive loss of talent, energy and happiness.

Don't underestimate introverts as baristas. The introvert can be outgoing and friendly. But his real asset is an ability to dive into his own world. A place where the greatest ideas and true craft are born.

Photo - Matthew Wiebe, CC0


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