Veracruz, Colombia

Colombia on streak. Bur different approach. Supposedly delicate, I think well-developed though. Have I mentioned I know the roaster in person? Even had a pleasure to work with him.


Name: Veracruz
Roaster: Taylor Street Baristas
Origin: Colombia
Cultivar: Colombia & Caturra
Processing: Cold fermented, washed, dried on raised beds
Q score: 85


Fragrance: floral, lime, blackcurrant
Aroma: strong, tobacco (positively)

I enjoy a thick, dark crust. A sign of well-developed, fresh roast. The crust preserves flavours and breaking point is pleasurable.

A wow-effect on flavour. Coffee medium bodied, slightly lacking balance. Blackcurrant and lime build high acidity, although low sweetness. Long-lasting, strong aftertaste, in a desired floral flavour (jasmine).

I like the strength of the coffee. It's not overwhelming, so even with only trace of sweetness could be delicate. There are some distinctive defects, but the aftertaste is rewarding.

Very interesting on a cupping table, especially in comparison to underdeveloped roasts. It has potential for espresso, but it's far from my favourite filter choice. 

Photo - Karl Fredrickson, CC0


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