Cuptasters #2

Another week, another session. Actually, 3 sessions. But let's keep it short and concentrated. Weekly posts make more sense.

Aroma samples
This time I got 8 of 36 correct. Which is way better than last time, but still less than 25% correct. However I didn't detect potato.

Seems like the earth aroma has influenced all similar aromas. I couldn't come up with a name for potato and the next one was just like another earth. Anyway, I'm happy with the progress.

Diverse cupping
The most varied cupping table I've ever set up. It's easy to put specialty next to commercial grade and spot the difference. This time I got 4 very different coffees.

Kenya Kiriani, over 90 - very tomato-like

Colombia Old Crop - trying to find cardboard or dog-like flavour, but I've just found the acidity and cleanliness are completely off.

70-ish grade - we are spoilt. It's not a bad coffee, I would just score every parameter lower. Sweetness was pretty ok, surprisingly.

Specialty grade green, post 2nd crack - don't you ever even try. Lingering aftertaste is not always desired.

Basic tastes
I made it twice. I'd go through remapping one more time and memorise it better. Still having some difficulty with bitterness. Though usually a second sip helps.

Supposedly we went hard. 4 cups with 0-6 defects in nutty blend. 2 sets: quakers and black.

The quakers set was like walking in the dark. With closed eyes. To show it, I pointed the clean cup as composed of 6 defected beans. Nothing right.

But on the other side of rainbow - blacks -  I was a master. Pure perfection. I think it was only because of QC in the roastery I had earlier that day. You know, 2 coffees with samples drawn along the development and you just know what is more burnt.

I'd better work hard. Progress comes slowly. But it comes!

2/6 in 3.20. Pretty quick. Next time, I go slow and score as much as possible. Anyway, I went from 16% to 33% - not bad, especially with that time.

As for next session, I should get other roasters and different acids and bitters. 

All in all, I don't think I'm prepared to get to final round. I'd argue it would be a matter of luck to advance. But I think I'm ready to compete.

Photo - Kelby Carr, CC 2.0


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