The last training

It's already after the competition. We know the score. But I still have a post to write on training session before it. That was sort of groundbreaking.

The last training before Cuptasters competition. Pretty much setting mindset, building confidence are relaxing. And, well, proper 8-set triangulations.

Confidence and chill
The weird way to practice is a good way. As there are no limits to what you can learn. In sensorics it's all about awareness. But why not play with that?

Altering your state of awareness or sensitivity is sometimes associated negatively. However you can justify a lot for the sake of achieving mastery.

Have you ever tasted coffee when fasting, dehydrated, drunk, exhausted? How does it taste? Do you feel more or less? Can you say anything about it?

The Halloween party sound like a plan to experiment. In terms of sensory I was surprised that I could still perceive something (skill internalised?). In terms of latte art I prefer to be sober (just trying, wasn't the initial idea at all).

That has built up my confidence. And also helped relax before competition. Mindset is important.

I got my first 5 in 5.30 on Tuesday, even if a matter of luck, psychological barrier crossed.

The next day we actually brewed filter coffee using Technivorm. 6 or 7 different coffees. Not very fresh, to make things more difficult. Which freaked me out, as first two sets I've approached very impossible for me at first. I needed more time for that.

Anyway I got 5 again, which shows some consistency. Timed in 6.40. After that, we saturated our palates with mild acid solution. The theory goes you will taste different things, making that triangulation a different one.

At this point, after 48 cups, palate fatigue was a real thing. I got 4 in 4.40. Consistent!

After all that I felt ready for the competition. The next post coming soon!


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