Brewers cup #1

I quite don't know how this happened. For sure, I wanted to get a sense of competition. But I heard somebody talking about doing them all. And it seemed so easy to do 3. In the result, I'm preparing for Brewers. Apart from Cuptasters and Barista Competition.

So the challenge is, after a year in the industry, exposing myself to extreme learning conditions. Creating something within short period of time from ground level.

Seems legit.

Let's move on to training plan.

The process of choosing the device dates back to November last year. A couple of sessions experimenting with different brewing devices. I found out I'm most consistent using V60. Even if the coffee I'll choose would have more potential with other method, during competition I want to cut out negative factors.

Once I had the method I started practising mastering my brewing technique. Inspired by Mikaela Wallgren, I've chosen bloom with natural agitation, followed by continuous pour and natural agitation.

With that method I was brewing different coffees, using different waters. It was an exploration of trying to brew exactly the same coffee day after day. Both TDS-wise and taste-wise.

Interesting thing I've discovered: Within the same pouring time there's a variability in speed of pouring. If you start pouring a lot in the beginning and then slow down, the total time will be shorter and extraction percentage decrease.


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