Cafe experience: Attendant

A couple days off. I haven't interacted with human being for 4 days. That's the time to go out. Socialise.

Coffee helps with that. Also, it's always good to see how other run coffee shops. So doing a coffee trip around city was perfect.

Lucky enough I was in Shoreditch. Plenty of cafes. Yet I had not been to Attendant before.

So there I was. Trying to find a table in the least attention-grabbing way. But not there. There's a dedicated person for anti-social people helping them get around people.

Making an introvert comfortable in social space is a skill. Highly desired, yet so rare in third wave coffee shops.

All I wanted was a double espresso and something warm to eat. I have fairly low expectations as a coffee professional. The coffee doesn't have to be life-changing. I'm paying for experience.

The espresso was sweet, high-bodied and had a thick crema. Which I'm not used to anymore, running 6 bars of pressure, so it was nice to try something different. There was some acidity, some red berries and a long aftertaste.

Shortly, all I needed. I know it could be better, but at the time it was perfect. I didn't want to evaluate. As long as it tastes ok, I don't think about it.

The banana bread was good too.

But water was life-changing.

As a drinking water, there was this artfully presenting bottle filled with mint and cucumber. Very refreshing. I drank the whole bottle.

As a water for espresso, I got sparkling water. I'm not a big fan of sparkling water, I'd never buy it. However rinsing palate with this water after banana bread was amazing.

All in all, it's one of the best experiences I've ever had. It made my day. I was so elated, I almost forgot to pay.

I'll be back in there. For sure. Soon.


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