Brewers cup #2

Well, I was supposed to write about my trainings regularly. But that has only worked when I was on holiday. When working, I'd rather devote free time to practicing than writing. Fair enough, isn't it?

Let's just run through all the training weeks I didn't cover in the last post.

Week #2

Compulsory training. Brewing a lot of Origin coffee. Roastiness induces lower extractions. I went for higher dose and lower water temperature.

I've also ordered my equipment. By this time I didn't want to compete cheap anymore. I wanted to do well.

Competition coffee has been chosen as well. Taste of destiny.

Week #3

I started brewing my coffee. Initially it was very disappointing. In spite of hitting the flavour notes, it wasn't tasty. I blame freshness as this coffee tastes best 10-12 days after roast. However a change of water brought some life to the brew.

First thoughts of speech and music show up.

Basically, I spent entire week dialling in my coffee every day, on different grinders. Just to get to know which flavour notes I'm hitting regularly, even when something goes wrong.

Also, I was working a lot conceptually. Structuring my speech, learning about my coffee and watching other routines.

Week #4

Saturday afternoon. I went to shop to buy jars for preground coffee. I couldn't pick between Kilner and Sainsbury's. In the meantime I cut my finger really badly on one of the jars in the shop. Bleeding, I took both types. Feeling determined to bear any costs (nice feeling, I have to admit).

Practising with the jars I figured out Sainsbury while being cheaper perform better. On the way to training centre I thought about my speech, recording the very first draft on the phone. Just after that I changed my opening and entire message.

Arriving, I saw Diana working on her speech which is inspiring as fuck. It made me sit down and create a mindmap of my speech.

The next day I did first run-through of my speech. Took 6 minutes. I spent next 2 hours rewriting it. Took 9.30 min.

At the time, I felt really scared of speaking in front of anyone. Thankfully I have friends who force me to do it. I did 2 runthroughs in front of a group of people while being judged. The steepest fragment of my learning curve.

Week #5 - competition week

The final run-through with Andrew (world judge). For the first time on my entire equipment. For the first time, feeling like a public speaker.

During the week I tried to smoothe transitions in my speech and visualise competing.

The day before the competition I did a cupping of 5 different waters. Just to double-check, I brewed on 2 winning waters. And that saved me. Water for cupping is not necesarily water for brewing!

8h before the competition I have upgraded Spotify to premium and created a playlist for my routine.

5h of sleep ahead without a dinner - I've chosen to pack my stuff in the morning.


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