Recommended resources

Below is a list of good articles/ videos that are an excellent way of catching up with the current level of industry knowledge. I will be regularly adding to the list.


  1. Royal Coffee - Rosters Guide to Understanding Coffee Plant types
  2. DRWakefield - Daterra farm 
  3. WCR - F1 hybrid


  1. BaristaHustle - Sugars in Natural Processing
  2. Royal Coffee - Carbonic Maceration and Anaerobic Fermentation in Coffee

Green Coffee Quality, Trading & Logistics:

Sample Roasting:

  1. Royal Coffee - Roasting on Ikawa part I
  2. Royal Coffee - Roasting on Ikawa part II


  1. Scott Rao - Common Roasting Machine Problems 
  2. Rob Hoos - Roasting based on Exhaust Temperature (Ikawa) - "The greater the difference between the bean temperature and the exhaust air => the greater the rate of rise of bean temperature "

QC and Tasting:

  1. Scott Rao - Production Roast Scoring
  2. Scott Rao - "Seeing Through" Roasts - differentiating between origin and roast characteristics


  1. Chris Hendon - PSD, bed shape, physics in grinding and brewing (video)
  2. Michael Cameron - Mythos Workflow - how to make Mythos sing for you


  1. Coffee Ad Astra - Extraction Uniformity And Channelling 


  1. BaristaHustle - Turbulence of Extraction 
  2. Michael Cameron - How Low Can You Go? -  water debit, flow, saturation, low pressure, probably the most influential post ever for me
  3. Michael Cameron - The Resistance of Heat - why volumetrics will always give you different yield
  4. Mat North - Maximising Extraction Through Flow And Pressure - a massive inspiration into my writing
  5. Mat North - It's All In The Mix - read it at least twice


  1. Chris Hendon - Water For Coffee (video) 

Research papers:

  1. - directory of research papers by Chris Hendon
  2. The effect of bean origin and temperature on grinding roasted coffee - the famous grinding paper (temperature variability)

Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash