Ethiopia Duromina

Today I cupped away from home. Nothing new. But the first time I'm going to write about that cupping. Reason for that being I was alone.

Duromina is a relatively new thing. A cooperative of over 100 farmers to make better coffee. Jimma Zone has perfect climate for growing coffee, but it's always been low quality.

Now, as they've switched to washed processing due to Technoserve financing, their coffee is easily scoring over 90. Complex, clean and with a depth of flavours, it gets the best prices in Africa. The mill investment was repaid in only a year, instead of planned 4.


Origin: Ethiopia, Jimma Zone, Oromia
Varietal: Heirloom
Process: Washed, dried on African beds
Altitude: 1900-2000 masl
Roaster: Taylor Street Baristas
Score: 90.75


Fragrance: floral, lily, unusual for Ethiopia (maybe that how washed Ethiopia should smell)
Aroma: Very floral, with a distinct note of rose, not entirely uniform in terms of aroma

Flavour is like another level of Yirgacheffe. More delicate, no big flavours, but definitely big coffee. The depth and complexity got me lost. I have no reference for violet, but it seems to play a big role. Floral over fruity, but more interesting than jasmine and hibiscus.
However still fruity. Apricot, wild rose fruit, orange. Or maybe orange blossom. 65/35 for floral.

Acidity is beautiful. Generous but delicate. Not overpowering flavours and sweetness. Though again, not uniform from cup to cup.

Balanced like greatest Panamas, full-bodied like buttery Brazilians. Round, pleasant, silky, smooth. Yummy!

This coffee was scored at 90.75. I scored 90.5. It lost points mainly in aftertaste and uniformity. Probably some of these delicate flavours would linger a bit in the filter. But it shows the risk of flat espresso.
As far as I'm concerned cooperatives are not a great source of uniformity. Keep in mind over 100 farmers.

As for that, I cannot praise roaster enough. It would be a shame to hit another lemon/ginger/jasmine Geisha-like flavour profile as many roast Duromina that way. Frankly, I would use this coffee in the Brewers Cup.


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